Video Goes Viral After Showcasing A Police Officer Stopping To Tie a Man’s Tie

Video Goes Viral After Showcasing A Police Officer Stopping To Tie a Man’s Tie

Erika Carter

Police officers are getting a lot of bad press lately — and it’s heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking because for every one bad cap out there, there are thousands and thousands of selfless public servants on the force. But, as we all know too well by now, it’s not typically the good people or the good deeds that make the news, it’s the bad ones.

Well, Facebook user, Amanda Pierner-Lytge was tired of seeing all of the negative press that police officers were receiving. She knew the cops in her town to be kind, loving, wonderful, selfless people who put their lives on the line each and every day in order to help and protect others.

And so, when she happened to catch a police officer stopping and taking the time to put on and tie an elderly man with Parkinsons’ necktie, she recorded the act and prayed it would go viral. Amanda hoped that maybe, just maybe this video of a selfless act would show the people of the world that the majority of U.S. policemen are wonderful people.

Apparently the older man in the video suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, a debilitating disorder of the nervous system that oftentimes makes even the most basic of activities — like tying a tie — seem impossible.

Amanda is so thankful that the video went viral and hopes that just this small act of kindness shown by the police officer will prove to people that cops are not bad people. In fact, this act of taking time out of their already busy days to help citizens is just part of their job.

We applaud the officer in the video and hope to see more stories like this in the news! Who knows, maybe if we stop covering bad people, they’ll stop doing bad things.  

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