Learn How To Make A Floating Cooler From Pool Noodles!

Learn How To Make A Floating Cooler From Pool Noodles!

Ashley Rego

You’re basking in the warm summer sun, your legs dangling beneath you, consumed by the pool’s refreshingly cool water. In this glorious moment, life has never seemed more blissful.

As you float around in the water, the heat begins to take its toll. You quickly realize how parched you’ve become, yet removing yourself from your perfect state of contentment is the last thing you want to do. Leave the pool?? Simply not an option!

Well, Meredith Vierira and POPSUGAR’s Allie Merriam are showing us a little secret on how we never have to leave the confines of those baby blue waters, no matter how thirsty you get! With the little help of a common, cheap product, you can create a floating drink cooler that will be a lifesaver on those lazy, summer days!

By attaching a pool noodle around a large plastic container, you are able to construct a vessel to not only store ice, water, sodas, beer (or whatever your drink of choice), but that will float right alongside you as you bathe in summer’s glory!

While I don’t have a pool at my house, I plan on using this great tip to bring to the lake!

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