These 5 Popcorn Lifehacks Will Forever Change Movie Night

These 5 Popcorn Lifehacks Will Forever Change Movie Night

Angela Markus

Popcorn has been an American favorite for decades, keeping our tummies warm and happy during our favorite films. Not everyone makes this snack the old fashion way—in a pot. If you are like, you take the fastest route—the microwave. Thanks to the Crazy Russian Hacker, here are 5 life-changing hacks that’ll change the way you eat popcorn forever!

First, he microwaves a packet of popcorn, and instead of opening the package the way we have been since our birth, he takes a knife to one side and cuts an opening. It will prevent us from getting burned and grease all over our hands.

The second hack involves getting rid of those stubborn kernels that refused to pop. Make sure there is an opening at the top, and over the trash bin, shake the bag and those unwanted kernels will fall right out.

Forget using the pot, grab a brown paper bag, some kernels, butter and your favorite popcorn seasonings. Throw everything into the bag and watch it pop to perfection. If you do not have a brown paper bag, get a large microwave safe bowl and pour the same ingredients in. Cover with another microwave dish and watch it go.

If you have plain popcorn at home, and you want to spice it up a bit, cut into the bag, add butter and seasoning and cover with tape. Voila!


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