Use A Potato For A Non-Stick Grill!

Non Stick Grill

Use A Potato For A Non-Stick Grill!

Ashley Rego

A big juicy slab of steak, filling the air with a smoky aroma as the perfectly marinated meat sizzles as it hits the black surface of the grill. Ahh yes, these familiar sounds and smells are the perfect reminder that grilling season is upon us.

But as you go to shimmy the wedge of steak, cooked to a medium rare state of perfection, the uncooperative piece of meat sticks stubbornly to the grill. With utter frustration you peel the tender beef off the grill, sighing as half of it remains glued to the charcoaled lattices.

Well, my fellow grill masters, let out your final grunt of irritation. I have discovered the perfect tip to make sure your grill retains a non-stick surface, all summer long.

The secret lies in a potato. That’s right! Simply slice a raw potato in half, rub the middle directly onto your grill, and enjoy your steak fully intact, complete with those revered grill lines!

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