Prankster Janitor Creates a Snow Maze

Prankster Janitor Creates a Snow Maze

Angela Markus

Many people hate to shovel snow. Especially this crafty janitor. If he had to spend hours shoveling snow, he decided he was going to have some fun with it.

The man executed the best prank ever. He was shoveling snow out of what seems to a park or a school playground, and he decided to do his duty in a most “unconventional” way. He moved around and crafted winding paths for the people to walk.  Many of those unsuspecting pedestrians were slow to realize what was really happening and actually followed the kooky paths, some even when the path took them in circles.

Other were, of course, smart and decided to wade through the snow disregarding the silly convention, but most were confused at the walkway carved out for them. A couple of folks had to rethink their strategy and go back to the starting line when they got lost in the maze.

Thankfully, there was a camera to capture the dumbfounded victims of this prank.

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