This Elderly Lady Leads Prayer, Then Goes Off On a Hilarious Tangent!

This Elderly Lady Leads Prayer, Then Goes Off On a Hilarious Tangent!

Erika Carter

This one will have you in stitches! A 72-year-old woman named Mary Maxwell was at a convention in 2010. She was supposed to be stepping up to the microphone to conduct a prayer. The couple who had founded Home Instead Senior Care had invited her to speak.

The prayer Mary was supposed to give was supposed to honor the great caretakers of the program. Everyone thought she was just a sweet old lady going to lead everyone in the audience in prayer.

Instead Mary had a little something up her sleeve. She went off topic and started talking about how it is to grow old. She talked about the trials and tribulations of growing old and the crowd was in stitches.

Mary starts out explaining how she knows the couple that founded Home Instead. She then gets into blessing the founders, the caregivers and finally the clients. She goes on to say that they are grateful of how everyone contributes to the success of the mission of Home Instead Senior Care. She then asks the audience to continue to bless them, and the food that they have received. She finishes with an amen and proceeds to exit the podium.

She stops herself and says “Oh, sorry God” to which a few people erupt into laughter. She goes on to say that as long as she has the microphone there are a few things she had forgotten to mention. And that’s when she starts talking about what it’s like growing old! She makes a few jokes about the changes the body goes through when it ages, like hair sprouting up in random places!

She continues to engage the crowd in this hilarious little bit – it’s like stand-up comedy meets prayer! Watch the video below to see for yourself, you’ll be cracking up!

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