This 2-Year-Old Praising God Will Warm Your Heart

This 2-Year-Old Praising God Will Warm Your Heart

Jamaica Bravo

How cute! You have got to take a look at this adorable little two-year-old girl who, according to her mom, has only been to “big church” a few times, but has already got the whole worship routine down pat!

Her mom put on a christian radio station and walked away, only to return and find her little girl imitating more experienced church goers and having a great time doing it!

She finds little Izzy standing in front of the boombox with her hands in the air and a serious expression on her face. Her little one was really feeling that music!  Izzy looked just like all the inspired adults she had watched singing along to the worship songs at church recently! So mom busted out the video camera and started recording the adorable scene.

Both end up singing along to Izzy’s new favorite song. It turns out that the toddler really gets a kick out of “Our God”, a popular Christian song sung by music artist, Chris Tomlin. She doesn’t quite know the words yet, but her lipsyncing attempts are so precious! When mom starts singing along, the little girl looks up and smiled, fascinated. Then she shows off her worshipping skills a bit more, standing in the kitchen, with her arms in the air.

So adorable. We bet this little girl asks to go to “big church” again very soon. She might get bored in the long sermon, but she will love that extra singing and dancing time.

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