The Pregnant Man’s Life Is Unlike You’ve Ever Heard

The Pregnant Man’s Life Is Unlike You’ve Ever Heard

Jamaica Bravo

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, life exposes you to a reality you never knew existed. Meet Thomas Beatie and his wife Nancy.

In 2008, Thomas and his wife are in their OBGYN’s office listening to their child’s heartbeat. Thomas rests on the table, his swollen belly sticky with gel with his wife at his side listening on.  Thomas is a transgender man, born female bodied, but transitioned later in his adult life so that his body fit his gender identity.

Oprah introduces us to his three children, Susan, Austin and Jensen, in an interview with Thomas. Their home is exactly what you would expect a home occupied by a single dad and his three children to be; loud and full of love.

His pregnancy, much like every other pregnancy, brought about some un-welcomed changes. The pitch in his voice shifted upward and his skin smoothed out. However, after giving birth and recovering, he reports that he is back to his “full manliness.”

He explains that after he was done bearing children, he underwent a lower surgery called, “metoidioplasty” which means he completed his full transition from female to male.

This is one story you’ll never forget.

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