Pregnant Mom Busts Out The ‘Nae Nae’ and It’s Everything

Pregnant Mom Busts Out The ‘Nae Nae’ and It’s Everything

Jamaica Bravo

Sitting in the hospital, ready to give birth, this momma decided she was going to bring her infant into the world in style. Told to move around a bit to help induce labor, this soon-to-be Atlanta mom thought walking around the hospital was far too mundane for her baby! Instead, she and her two friends went out into the hall with their smartphones and began getting down to Silento’s Watch Me. Watching this preggers mom move while singing, there’s no way you would believe that she is experiencing painful contractions!

This is how her nurse and midwife Marsha D. Ford found her when she stopped by to check up on her progress – dancing in the hall with her two girls by her side. “Get that baby down, mommy!” Ford cheers her on, in the video. And get down she does, boogieing and slinging her pony-tail around like a pro!

This is woman is going to be one fun mom, that’s for sure! 

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