Pregnant Woman Insulted By Cashier At Grocery Store

Pregnant Woman Insulted By Cashier At Grocery Store

Kaleena Madruga

For some women, getting pregnant is a little more difficult. Imagine the joy those women feel when they finally do conceive.

Pregnant women represent the cycle of life, and just the thought of a little one growing inside of them is incredible.

For one mother-to-be, she experienced the opposite sentiment at a local grocery store.

On a visit to a Wellingborough, England grocery store at 37 weeks pregnant, Emily Saunders was expected to be greeted politely.

Instead, she was met with some disturbing comments from a cashier.

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Extremely bothered by the encounter, she posted a complaint on the store’s Facebook page. According to Emily’s post, the cashier taunted her with unbelievable comments such as “nothing was on TV that day?” and “you couldn’t have read a book instead?”

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The cashier was completely oblivious to Emily’s struggle to conceive. In fact, she and her husband Craig had been making an effort to get pregnant for two years. When the natural course was not working, she underwent IVF or In-Vitro Fertilization, which was successful.

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The cashier continued with her negative comments to the mother when she asked Emily if she wanted cash back. Emily declined, and the cashier’s response was, “Oh, you won’t be able to afford cash back once it’s here anyway.” She wrote, “Her comments were loud enough for the people behind me in queue to laugh along but I left the shop feeling insulted, embarrassed and hurt.”

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Emily detailed her frustrating incident and received minimal recognition from the organization.

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Totally uncalled for!

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