This Pre School Is In A Retirement Home. It Sounds Strange But The Reason Is Brilliant!

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This Pre School Is In A Retirement Home. It Sounds Strange But The Reason Is Brilliant!

Erika Carter

As the video begins you notice the voice of an older gentleman and a young boy. These two voices are noticeably different in pitch and show two people who are on the extreme opposite spectrum in terms of age. It is amazing, as the video progresses, to see how these two age groups interact. Although there is a massive age gap, the two age groups are able to almost be on the same playful area and teach each other.

The Providence Mount St. Vincent in Seattle in home to more than 400 elderly residents. It is also home to a preschool. You see visuals of young little hands touching those of old. You witness little voices saying words into old ears and young innocent eyes looking into age old eyes full of memories of the past. Both parties look and use their senses to gain something from each other.

It is found that 43% of older adults experience social isolation, which is closely correlated with loneliness and depression as well as mental and physical decline. The number of adults aged 65 years and older is expected to double within the next 25 years. These are powerful facts that Providence Mount St. Vincent has been able to compensate for. By the use of the young to bring happiness to the old, I am sure joy has been found for many of these older adults. Children are innocent, full of life and full of excitement. To bring some of these characteristics back into the light allows each party to be fulfilled. If these two parties can learn anything from each other, maybe it can be as easy as a smile, a laugh or a chuckle.

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