A Man Smuggles a Package Into a Prison On Live TV!

A Man Smuggles a Package Into a Prison On Live TV!

Erika Carter

Recently there’s been a lot of “Shawshank Redemption” inspired stories taking the media by storm. Remember those two guys that escaped from a prison in New York and left behind this bizarre note? Yeah, that was weird!

There’s another story that’s making its rounds throughout the Internet that’s equally as disturbing. Two people were watching a live newscast when they see a man in the background carrying a red bag. He crosses the street and walks up to the wall of a prison.

Then, while the reporter is still talking and giving her report, someone lowers a rope down to this man. Seconds later, you see the rope get pulled up and the bag get hoisted to the top of the prison wall.

After, the man casually walks back across the street and out of view. The people watching this on TV are in utter shock and disbelief! What on earth was in that red bag??

It could either be lunch for the guards up in the tower, or it could be smuggled goods. Whatever was happening, it’s intriguing! If the man carrying the red bag was in fact smuggling things into the prison, he seemed very relaxed and nonchalant for a person committing a serious crime!

What do YOU think of this situation — what do you think was in the red bag? Watch the video and let us know what you think!

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