Prison Inmate Escapes by Simply Walking Out The Front Door

Prison Inmate Escapes by Simply Walking Out The Front Door

Erika Carter

With the recent incidents of prison escapes one has to wonder, how do they do it? The prisoners that is. How is it that a prisoner can bypass security, let alone escape? This video answers that question for us and shows us how it could be done.

Without knowing the title of the video, you see a man in a jacket casually walking through security. The scene looks like a courthouse or any government building which may have body scanners. In all actuality, the location of the video is a prison, and what we see is a prisoner simply walking out as though he was an employee.

The prisoner makes his way through the body scanner and out the door before the guard realizes something is wrong. Several minutes elapse before the guard walks behind him. The camera switches to an outside view. The prisoner rids himself of the disguise and runs for his life. We also see the poor guard slowly running behind the prisoner. We are not sure if he is captured, however, one must question are the prison guards equipped for the tasks of securing the prisoners?

An interesting aspect of this video is how easy it might be for a prisoner to walk out of prison. Is it the infrastructure? Lack of equipped correctional officers? Whatever the answer maybe, it is just scary. Who knows if the prisoner in this video was captured or how many other incidents like these that have not been captured on tape. Scary? Maybe!

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