Man Faces Misdemeanor Charges to Propose to His Girlfriend

Man Faces Misdemeanor Charges to Propose to His Girlfriend

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A groom-to-be illegally shut down an entire highway ramp to propose to his girlfriend, because he knew it was her favorite view. Romantic? Or incredibly stupid?

For his new twenty-three year old fiance, Michelle Wycoff, the answer is decidedly the former. In this CNN News video, it’s clear as day that Miss Wycoff is completely taken with her soon-to-be-husband.

While questioned about the incident, which resulted in a misdemeanor for her fiance, Wycoff can be seen, smiling and radiant, enthusiastically describing the proposal to reporters. According to her, their story is incredibly romantic, and though both young people recognize that in hindsight, blocking an entire bridge of Interstate 45 with their friends’ and their cars may not have been the wisest plan in the world, they both agree that love makes people do crazy things.

The couple met a year and a half ago at a small restaurant near the I-45 on ramp, called Cafe Layal. The soon-to-be groom, Vidal Valladares, is a waiter at the cafe and Wycoff was just a customer there one night when she caught his eye. Valladeres bravely walked up to her and asked her out on a date, to which she answered yes, and the two zoomed off in his motorcycle on his break. They didn’t go far, because when they reached the top of the I-45 bridge, they both found the view so beautiful, that they stopped for a while along the side of the road to sit and admire it together. From there, they could see the entire Houston, Texas skyline. That night was the first of many dates.

When Valladeres decided to propose a year and a half later, he knew he had to do it right there, where it had all begun. So he told his soon-to-be fiance to get her nails done then picked her up at her house with all his friends trailing them in their own cars. His girlfriend noticed the cars which had been following a little ways behind ever since their house and pointed it out, but Valladeres just told her she was overreacting and being paranoid. She believed him, and shrugged him off, until they got to the top of the bridge and the cars blocked traffic for them.

Her loving boyfriend told her to get out of the car, and while his friends videotaped the couple, Vidal Valladeres proposed to Michelle Wycoff with the Houston skyline as a backdrop. A Harris County cop was called to the scene of the crime and charged Valladeres with obstruction of a highway, a misdemeanor that can come with up to six months in jail as a punishment. Both members of the newly engaged couple were shocked and hurt by all of the hateful comments they received from angry internet users and apologized for blocking traffic on a Sunday on national television.

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