Man Takes Photos Proposing to His Girlfriend Over the Course of 5 Months

Man Takes Photos Proposing to His Girlfriend Over the Course of 5 Months

Angela Markus

One romantic boyfriend took 148 secret selfies with his pregnant girlfriend, all of which displayed the secret message ‘Will You Marry Me?’ all before he actually popped the question!

Claire Bramley, 33, had no idea that her boyfriend Ray Smith, 38, had been asking for her hand in marriage every day for five months. Ray told her he was documenting her pregnancy each day with the photographs—but in actuality, it was all part of his scheme to walk her down the aisle.

Claire unwittingly posed for dozens of selfies with her boyfriend, unaware each photo contained the words ‘Will You Marry Me’ written in the background on signs, notes, and even on the TV. Now, Ray officially asked for her hand in marriage, and Claire said yes.

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His elaborate scheme has created an extensive gallery of photos in which it is clear Claire has absolutely no idea what was going on. How did he not get caught? Ray even thought to take several versions of each snap, some without the secret message, just in case Claire wanted to see the shot.

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One photo shows the pair in bed while Claire sleeps.

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Another snap shows Claire posing with her baby bump with a ‘Will You Marry Me?’ banner flashing up on the TV behind her.

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There is even one photo with the image of the baby asking the question. Ray finally let the cat out of the bag on Christmas Day when he revealed his pictures and got down on one knee.

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He had originally planned to propose at a minute to midnight on New Year’s Eve at a specially-planned family party, but he decided to do it sooner.

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How creative! Congratulations to the happy couple.

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