This Adorable Proposal Is Tough To Top

This Adorable Proposal Is Tough To Top

Kaleena Madruga

It is really hard to top some of the proposals we have seen on the Internet as of late. From dancing flash mobs at Disney World to underwater ‘will you marry me?’ The list is quite extensive. But what Shane Moffis has over every other proposal is small, cute, and uber adorable.

The extremely emotional clip starts with Moffis, 24, returning home with a gift for his girlfriend. Shelby Turner, 22, walks out to meet her boyfriend and her surprise. But Shane tells her, “Stand back. Let her run to you,” before putting the chocolate-colored pup on the ground. When bride-to-be picks up the pup, she was immediately moved to tears. What she did not know was there was an even bigger surprise waiting.

The new pet owner cries tears of joy as she cuddles and caresses her little pooch. Then her boyfriend encourages her to read the dog’s name tag, where he had hidden her engagement ring, but she is far too distracted by the overwhelming love she feels for her puppy.

After continuing to pet the dog some more, Shelby notices the puppy’s pink bow and red collar. Anxious for the surprise, Motiff nudges his girl to check the collar once again. When she does her jaw drops and she bursts into tears once again.

Motiff gets down on one knee to pop the question. Amidst her tears she happens to mutter, “Is this real?” as her boyfriend unties the ring from her puppy’s collar and places it on her ring finger.

How awesome is that? A husband and a new puppy, all at the same time.


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