Dogs Run Away In Guilt When Asked, “Who Tore Up My Pants?”

Dogs Run Away In Guilt When Asked, “Who Tore Up My Pants?”

Jamaica Bravo

So dogs don’t comprehend human speech, huh?  This dog owner begs to differ. Watch as he lovingly berates his two little puppy “children” for destroying his favorite pair of pants. No way can you convince me they don’t understand what he’s saying!

Their owner came home after a long day at work, eager to pull on his comfiest sweatpants, only to find them in tatters on the floor, completely unsalvageable. When he called his pets over to give them a sweet little lecture, their reactions are adorable, and all too human.

Just like little children, eager to see their parent and obtain cuddles, but perfectly aware that they have misbehaved, these mischievous dogs are torn between greeting their owner and running from punishment.

When at first, he seems not to have noticed the ruined articles of clothing, puppies Missie and Laydie are ever so delighted to see him home. They come trotting over enthusiastically, jumping up on the stool in front of their dad for some loving. But as soon as he brings up the pants, they react with what appears to be complete understanding. The way they go scuttling off the second he asks, “But who tore my pants up though?”, with their heads down and tails wagging in mixed excitement and shame makes my heart melt!

It’s clear they can’t bear to see their daddy mad, as they alternately trot over for cuddles, then immediately get nervous and scamper away again. How could anyone stay mad at such cute little pranksters? Certainly not this owner, since his words of admonishment inevitably fade into a soft tone and terms of endearment for his beloved pets. “Oh, ya all don’t want to talk about that, huh?” he teases them. And we don’t need these pups to speak English for us to understand their answer.

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