Quadriplegic Man Dances With Wife For The First Time in 6 Years

Quadriplegic Man Dances With Wife For The First Time in 6 Years

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In 2009, at the young age of twenty, Joel Jackson was involved in a terrible car crash. He was thrown from the car, and his body slammed into a telephone pole, effectively internally decapitating him. The force of the impact detached his head from his spine, but thanks to the quick responses of paramedics, Joel didn’t lose his life along with his ability to walk.

Tragically, however, he is now paralyzed from the neck down. After this horrible accident, Jackson may have thought his life was over, but luckily, the universe had something great in store for him.

Jackson’s high school sweetheart, Lauren, who he had known since freshman year and who, even after their three month dating spree had ended, still remained a close friend, did not leave his side. In an amazing testament to the power of true love, Joel and Lauren became engaged in September of 2013.



Sadly, however, due to Joel’s quadriplegic state, the two were unable to dance at their wedding. Lauren didn’t let this discourage her or her husband from pursuing treatment though. She told him that she knew one day he would be able to walk again, and that on that day, the two would have that long-awaited wedding dance.

Now, two years after their wedding and six years after the crash, Joel’s physical therapy sessions have progressed so far that he is able to place weight on his legs with the use of a hanging harness. For the first time, in this touching video, the 26-year-old couple were able to dance together to Edwin McCain’s beautiful “I’ll Be.” Staring into her husband’s eyes as she rocked him side to side, Lauren was reminded of how much she loved the sweet boy. She later told interviewers with shining eyes, “It is the little triumphs that are giant steps for us.”

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