This Snake Gets His Butt Handed To Him By One BRAVE Bunny!

Snake Vs Rabbit

This Snake Gets His Butt Handed To Him By One BRAVE Bunny!

Erika Carter

The worst place in the world to be is between a protective mother and her babies! Even if that mother is a cute and furry rabbit and the unlucky “monkey-in-the-middle” happens to be a terrifying snake.

In this video, you’ll see a mother rabbit walking in on (or hopping up to) the horrifying scene of what we’ll call a crime of nature. A snake is coiled around her young and quite literally going in for the kill when she jumps in to save her babies lives. Odd? Maybe to someone who knows nothing about maternal instinct! Which is why this video is a raw display of a mothers love.

As the family who catches the ordeal on camera shudders at the thought of the rabbit getting hurt, the snake decides he’s had enough and attempts to slither away. Not a chance! The sight of her injured bunny babies in despair was enough to have this rabbit mother ready for round 2 … 3 … 4 … and 5! Although there was no referee, it was clear to see that the audience was definitely rooting for team bunny. The children began to cheer for their favorite team with “Go Mr. Bunny. Kill that snake! Bite! Bite that snake!” in the cutest little voices. The video ends shortly after the children show who’s side they’re on but, there’s no doubt the rabbit who shocked the world and went viral protecting her babies is our favorite hopping hero.

Unfortunately, Momma Rabbit couldn’t save them all as it appears that the snake killed or badly injured at least two of the babies. But we can almost guarantee there’s one snake, somewhere, who’s lucky to be slithering and will be more careful when trying to make a rabbit’s baby their next meal.

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