So THIS Is How To Make A Rainbow Cake Roll!

So THIS Is How To Make A Rainbow Cake Roll!

Angela Markus

If you’re anything like me, you love everything about cake. They’re the delicious sweet delicacies that support all of our birthday wishes and the conclusion to any feast. You can enjoy them lavished in decor or simply plain. Cakes are timeless.

Most recently, rainbow cakes have been extremely popular amongst bakers and if you’re a cake lover like me, you’ve definitely laid eyes on one before. But creative baker Tammy, with Yoyomax12, has come up with a new way to indulge in rainbow cakes, adding a yummy twist to these common desserts. She’s making a Rainbow Cake Roll and showing us how it’s done!

She first makes her batter according to her taste of preference. Then, Tammy divides her batter into 6 different portions, one for each color of the rainbow. Next, she tints each portion a different color. Once that’s done, she places them into disposable piping bags and creates batter strips along a cookie sheet. She pops that into the oven at 325 degrees for about ten minutes and pulls out a flat rainbow cake. Don’t eat that just yet! It gets better…

Tammy removes the cookie sheet from the cake and places it on a dish cloth to cool. Once she’s finished making her whipped cream cheese filling, she spreads it onto the cooled cake and rolls it up.

Pop that yummy goodness into the refrigerator for a couple of hours and you have yourself a great-looking Rainbow Cake Roll just like hers!

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