Beautifully Frosted Rainbow Cupcakes!

Rainbow Cupcakes

Beautifully Frosted Rainbow Cupcakes!

Erika Carter

We all enjoy a good cupcake every now and then, whether it’s topped with strawberry frosting or maybe even a decadent cream cheese. Well, maybe today is the day that you have decided to conquer the cupcake world and venture out into the land of adventurous frosting.

In this video, we will learn how to take your cupcakes to the next level with a neat rainbow frosting recipe. All you will need is some of your favorite frosting in a can, a package of food coloring with assorted colors, a Wilton #12 tip and pipping bag.

Divide your frosting into five separate bowls. Portion out your frosting with the amount of color that you’ll need in mind. You’ll be using the most purple and the least amount of orange Add in enough food coloring to reach your desired hue and mix it in thoroughly. If you are not pleased with the color, feel free to add more as you go. Repeat this process for each color.

Once you are done, you can scoop your frosting into the pipping bag. (Be sure to start with violet and build your way up in the sequence of violet, blue, green, yellow and orange.) Pipe the frosting around the cupcake using a circular motion for the outside edge and then fill in the center with the same color of frosting.

Each time you add on a colored layer, make sure that your circle starts a little closer in so that the cone effect is created and the color gradient is easily visible. Once you’ve reached the orange layer, top it with a maraschino cherry in order to represent the red and enjoy! Don’t forget to SHARE the love and pass it on!