How To Make A Rainbow Zebra Cake

Rainbow Zebra Cake

How To Make A Rainbow Zebra Cake

Bethany Burrows

I used to think that you had to buy a cake from the bakery in order for it to be beautiful, but boy was I wrong! When you see whats under that black and white frosting you will FLIP!

Elise from the YouTube channel MyCupcakeAddiction makes some of the most amazing desserts I’ve ever seen but this rainbow zebra cake really takes the cake.

All you need is two boxes of cake mix and some food coloring!

Make your boxed cake mixes according to the instructions and then dye half of it black. Divide your left over batter between six bowls and dye each one the color of your choice. In two round cake pans, alternate the black batter with the colored batter until you’ve used all of both. After you bake your cakes, frost them and get ready to sit back and watch the reactions of every person who sees what’s underneath that frosting!

No one will believe how you managed to make this spectacular rainbow cake and will want the directions immediately so make sure you SHARE the love and pass it on!