Man Finds Toddler Covered in Flies, Alive One Mile Away From Great-Grandparents Home

Man Finds Toddler Covered in Flies, Alive One Mile Away From Great-Grandparents Home

Angela Markus

When a child goes missing, the terror felt by the family and the community at large is unlike any other. But when the child is found, it is nothing short of a miracle. A 2-year-old Ohio girl who disappeared from her great-grandparents’ house was found alive in a nearby field two days later.

Rainn Peterson was located approximately one mile away from the home where she had last been seen. Trumbull County Sheriff Tom Altiere told the local news station that the little girl was found by a volunteer searcher who was riding through the field on a four-wheeler.

Authorities said Rainn was wearing the purple shirt and gray pants she was reported to be wearing when she disappeared.


The volunteer who found the baby told a 911 dispatcher he came across the missing child sleeping in some tall grass.

Authorities said they would investigate how Rainn managed to get out of her great-grandparents’ house. Their efforts to find the child was concentrated around the home in rural northeastern Ohio, going through wooded areas, backyards and drainage pipes.


Rainn’s mother told the Associated Press that Rainn and two siblings had been staying with their great-grandparents because she was moving into an apartment. The area is near the community of North Bloomfield in northeastern Ohio, just north of Warren and Youngstown near the Pennsylvania state line.

Thank heavens this story has an awesome ending.

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