Amazing Footage of Rare White Whale off the Coast of Australia

Amazing Footage of Rare White Whale off the Coast of Australia

Angela Markus

What a sight to behold. Like a ghost rising from the depths, a rare white whale flashed its pale hide off the coast of Queensland. Whale watchers are hoping it was Australia’s famous whale named Migaloo, an adult whale first spotted off Byron Bay in 1991, but there has not been any confirmation of the fact. Migaloo or white fella has become famous because he was the only known living albino humpback at the time.

The Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection is still working to determine whether the whale was in fact Migaloo.

The person responsible for raising awareness about Migaloo, Oskar Peterson, has told Mashable he believes more photos are needed to confirm that this is the same whale. “The photos coming in are inconclusive,” Peterson told Mashable. “He seems to be very shining white while last year he had yellow coloring markings on him.”

According to Peterson, the famed humpback makes his typical 5,000-mile journey each year which brings him through Queensland in late June.

According to, up until September 2011 Migaloo was thought to be the only all white Humpback Whale in the world. Amazingly, footage emerged of a 100 percent all white baby humpback calf. This new white whale unofficially named MJ or Migaloo Junior has enthralled and delighted people from around the world.

The beauty of these whales is Mother Nature at her brilliant best.

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