This Simple Car Hack Can Save A Life

This Simple Car Hack Can Save A Life

Angela Markus

Some people are insusceptible to accidents. Strange, but true. That is not the case with cars, however. Car accidents have happened to many of us. You open your car door to let people in, or off-load your kids at school and bam, someone hits your car. Viva Frei explains that he is “neurotic” and is always nervous about being hit while putting his children in his back seat, so he came up with a solution.

During the winter months, we are forced to deal with longer nights and shorter days. Although the weather has been good to us, usually at this time of year there is inclement weather that worsens our visibility at night. Frei has come up with a solution for us. With the use of reflectors, we can all be safe again.

According to this lifehacker, the solution to the problem is four reflectors. Frei bought four standard reflectors which he stuck to the inner part of the back doors of his car. He places one red and another white reflector to each door.

He shows the effect of the reflectors in the night time. When the door is opened, you can easily see that the door it. In the event that someone is speeding alongside the car, the car door is easily visible.

Quite clever if I must say so myself.

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