Amazing Trick to Remove Rings Stuck on Your Fingers

Amazing Trick to Remove Rings Stuck on Your Fingers

Jamaica Bravo

There are solutions to most everything in life, even those annoying ones that make living so difficult! This man found a solution to one of life’s most persisting issues – getting stubborn rings off of fingers!

Okay, so maybe that’s not the worse issue you can have in life, but now it doesn’t even have to be a worry in your mind once you see just how simple it is to fix.

In the video below, it’s evident this woman is in a tight situation, but it’s not butter or pliers that removes the small ring from her finger. Watch as he takes dental floss — yes, dental floss — and loops it through the ring, leaving a piece out to grab later. He then wraps the remaining floss tightly, up along her finger. It looks like her poor finger is in plenty of distress but within seconds, he removes the ring by pulling the leftover floss at the bottom of the ring!

Her finger is free, pain free! It’s really that easy. So the next time you find yourself in a sticky situation, just head over to your medicine cabinet and put that dental floss to good use!

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