Repair Car Dents With This Awesome Trick

Repair Car Dents With This Awesome Trick

Angela Markus

Whether it is your fault or not, those fender-benders come with annoyance. In addition to everything else that accompanies an accident, who wouldn’t like to save on the expense of bringing your car to a body shop when your bumper has been dented without any damage to the paint? There are plenty of auto body repairs out there, ready to kidnap your pockets and pocketbooks, but this DIY approach you are about to watch is so simple and the results are incredible!

Using a pail or teapot of boiling water, you will see how miraculously this guy fixes a dent back to perfection.  Probably using rubber gloves for the safety of your hands is a good idea.  He pours a good amount of hot water on the outside of dent, and the rest is unbelievable.

He then reaches into the wheel while the urethane is still hot and malleable, and pushes the bumper out to its original shape. This approach is best done on newer cars that have urethane rather than the metal on much older cars.

The fender just pops right out, looking exactly as it did before the damage.  Well, how does this happen?  The heat causes the plastic of the bumper to expand, allowing for flexibility that enables you to pop it back into shape.

Pouring a pot of cold water on it once it’s been reshaped will quickly cool it down, shrinking the plastic back into place and setting it in its repaired position.

I am so glad I saw this! Aren’t you?

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