Mexican Restaurant Uses Robbery Footage To Make A Hilarious Commercial

Mexican Restaurant Uses Robbery Footage To Make A Hilarious Commercial

Angela Markus

Burglars usually think they are quite intelligent. Breaking into an establishment, stealing property or money with hopes of not being caught. What they fail to realize is that business owners are quite clever themselves. How else would they be able to operate successful businesses? When these petty thieves decided to rob a taco joint in Las Vegas, they did not think they would end up starring in a how-not-to-be-stupid ad campaign.

Frijoles and Fresca’s Grilled Tacos was recently burglarized, but has managed to turn the series of unfortunate events into something spectacular. They used the surveillance footage from the December robbery for an internet commercial that has quickly become viral.

According to CNN reports, the general manager of the restaurant, Greg Carlson, was alerted by an alarm system that an intruder was on the premises. Upon visiting the location, he quickly realized the food outlet was robbed. The manager told CNN, “I thought to myself: ‘We’re going to have some expenses from this. I might as well turn this into something that will inspire people to come try our food.’”

Carlson the posted surveillance from the break-in to YouTube with the most ingenious captions highlighting the lack of sense of the burglars insinuating that they were looking for tacos after hours and not money. One of the captions says, “We take full responsibility for what our tacos cause people to do. They are amazing.”

How brilliant is that?

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