10 Genius Ways To Use Your Old Bath Towels

10 Genius Ways To Use Your Old Bath Towels

Angela Markus

If you have way too many old bath towels, and recently thought to get rid of some of them, don’t! As it turns out, there are tons of things you can do with those towels! Some of these are pure genius!

Here are some amazing ideas for you to repurpose and upcycle those bath towels. Give them a try!

Lemon Dust Cloths

Just gather those old towels, lemons, white vinegar, olive oil, water, and an airtight glass jar or container. With equal parts of both, mix the white vinegar and water together. Then add a few drops of olive oil, and soak the towels until they are completely saturated. Next, ring each towel until they are damp, and lay the towels flat with a few lemon rinds on them. Finally, fold each towel with the lemon rind inside, and place them in the airtight glass container. Store until you need them.

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Bath Towel Slippers

If you have old towels and an old pair of flip flops, then you will be able to construct a comfortable, luxurious pair of towel slippers. This project requires some sewing, and takes quite a bit of time to make, but they will be the best use of old towels you’ve ever seen.

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Replace Swiffer Sweepers

Swiffer sweepers are a lifesaver, but they come with a hefty price tag when you have to replace the covers. You do not have to spend any more, just use your old towels to make Swiffer covers. Cut the towel into strips that will cover the sweeper, and then sew the edges together. You can make as many as you like or wash and reuse as often as you wish.

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Braided Rug

Fold the towel in half and cut it into strips that are 1.5 inches wide. Sew three of stripes together and then braid them. When you reach the end, sew on another set of strips creating one long rope. Finally, wrap the long rope around in a circle and stitch together using a sturdy needle and thread. For a decorative design, use multiple colors.

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Bathroom Caddy

Most bathrooms get cluttered, and one way to save space is with a cloth caddy. Get a hand towel and fold the top down about 1.5 inches. Next pin and sew to create an opening. You will then flip the towel over and fold it to overlap about 5 inches. Pin, and fold it once more to make the bottom edge. Then you will sew together. Finally, sew pockets into the folded sections of the towel.

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For this DIY, you will need an old fleece or microfiber towel, a wooden dowel, hot glue gun, scissors, and Velcro. Cut the towel into a square and place the dowel in the center. Glue about a 1/4 inch around the dowel, and then attach another square piece of towel.

Cut strips into the towel, and double knot them. Place a strip of Velcro around the wooden dowel right at the point where it can be attached to the fleece.

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Shaggy Rug

You only need old towels, a rubber gridded mat, and scissors.

First, cut the towels into 5-inch strips that are 1/4 inch wide. Then, thread each strip through each square or hole of the gridded mat. Tie a knot to hold it in place. You will need to repeat these steps, so the rug is truly shaggy.

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Child’s Bib

Using an old dish towel, cut a circle using a CD as a guide, and sew in a round collar with a stretchable fabric. Perfect for spaghetti nights.

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Bath Towel Wrap

You’ll need one towel 1 1/2 yards of 1 inch wide elastic, 8 inches of Velcro, 4 yards of decorative ribbon, and sewing tools.

For the first step, pin the ribbon to the side of the towel and then sew into place. Next, fold one end over and sew that into place. Measure the elastic around your body for the correct length, and then use a safety pin to thread the elastic through the space.

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Donate to Shelter

Before you throw away your old towels, a great ideas is to donate them to the local animal shelter. The doggies will love them!

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