Slingshot Ropes SNAP Just Before Ride Takes Off

Ride Gone Wrong

Slingshot Ropes SNAP Just Before Ride Takes Off

Erika Carter

Have you ever gone on a ride at an amusement park and gotten nervous just looking at the rusted metal parts, wondering if the ride will finish without any problems?

How about one of those crazy slingshot rides where you are basically shot up into the air at high speeds and bounced back and forth for a while until you are brought back down to safety?

In this video, there is a woman and a young boy who are sitting in the seat waiting for their turn to be thrown into the air by the slingshot. You can overhear people watching saying that the ropes on the ride are looking frayed and, of course they were only joking, but what happens next would make any person question their decision to go on the ride in the first place.

As the ride operators are preparing the slingshot for its ascent into the air, the woman and child are looking excited, yet nervous. They are still listening to onlookers shouting things about the ropes being frayed and other things meant to be humorous. As the ropes are getting tighter and tighter, all of a sudden there is a loud snap and one entire side of the ropes snaps loose and flies down to the ground. You can hear how surprised the people in the crowd are. I’m sure they never meant their jokes to actually come true.

Thank God that this woman and the boy she was on the ride with hadn’t actually been up in the air when those ropes snapped. If they had been, who knows how this story would have turned out. It was a blessing in disguise and had it been me, I would have jumped out of that seat so fast and made my way as far from that ride as possible!

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