She Made A Roasted Turkey Out Of Cake That’ll Completely Fool You!

She Made A Roasted Turkey Out Of Cake That’ll Completely Fool You!

Angela Markus

The artistic geniuses are cake decorators that baffle us with their complex and mind boggling designs. There are some cakes that require a whole other league of artistic culinary designs than those frosted treats you’ve seen at the local grocery store. These desserts are works of art, but with a huge side of creativity. I have seen 3D pregnant bellies and pasta cakes to intricate masterpieces such as caterpillar cupcakes and monsters, but never Have I seen a roasted turkey cake before!

Art connoisseurs and consumers have a deep appreciation for such intricate designs because people are looking for more than taste. Cake goddess Yolanda from the How To Cake It YouTube channel shows us how to make a cake that looks like a Thanksgiving turkey. It is confusingly good.

She started off by baking cakes 1—10 inch, 2—9 inch, and 1— 6 inch round vanilla cakes. Next, she levels off her cakes, and cuts them into different size pieces. The remaining pieces are saved for later. She then uses simple syrup and butter cream to stack the cakes.

She stacks two nine-inch layer, followed by a 10-inch layer and more nine-inch layers. After 15 minutes of refrigerating, the carving of the turkey took hours. She added pieces of smaller cakes to truly replicate a large Thanksgiving turkey.

She then covers the turkey with cooked-turkey-color fondant and creates wings and legs to complete the turkey. Shelf liner is used to emulate the skin of the turkey, and then she bathes it with three layers of coloring. I can’t tell you how amazing this art truly is.

See for yourself.

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