Bank Robber Caught During News Segment

Bank Robber Caught During News Segment

Angela Markus

Here’s something you don’t see every day. When a bank robber was brazen enough to rob the same bank for the second time in two weeks, he did not plan for a television reporter covering the story as part of his escape.

KIMT’s Adam Sallet was reporting in front of a Minnesota bank when he was interrupted by a bank employee chasing after the robber. Unable to comprehend what he had been told, Sallet replied, “What? Oh, that’s the robber. That’s the robber that just went by according to the bank employee, so I’ve got to go here and call 911. I’ll talk to you later.” Sallet then disappeared off camera. The broadcast immediately cut back to the news anchor for the local Mason City News channel who explained to the television audience, “I can assure you that was not set up.” I don’t think they could have planned this if they wanted to.

Luckily, police were able to apprehend the bank robber. According to Minnesota State Patrol, the perpetrator is a 36-year-old Rochester man who is suspected of robbing the bank two days in a row. In both cases, the suspect presented a note and escaped with money.

Hopefully this time he will be locked away for a while. How exciting is live television?

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