This Baby Can Barely Walk But She’s Already Rock Climbing – WHOA!

This Baby Can Barely Walk But She’s Already Rock Climbing – WHOA!

Erika Carter

Have you ever thought to yourself that it would be fantastic to see a young child—a baby, really—scaling a rock wall? Look no further!

This entertaining and completely amusing video clip opens with a small toddler setting forth on her monumental journey to climb a rock wall. She really takes her time in placing her feet and hands, looking to make sure she has the correct placement.

Shortly after she began, it appears that she has hit a wall, so to speak (pun is most certainly intended), and struggles to find the next hand hold or foot hold accessible to her. She looks right, then she looks left, all the while assessing her situation.

You can practically see the wheels turning in her head, as her internal debate rages. She brings her arm back down and looks to the floor, as if second-guessing herself and this decision. When you ever so briefly think that she is going to abandon her quest, she surely surprises you with renewed vigor and lifts her leg higher than before.

The young baby seemingly takes off and climbs with greater speed and a renewed confidence. She reaches the top of the rock wall. With a bit of struggle and some great effort, she pulls herself to a standing position and runs to (what one assumes to be) a play structure of sorts. She has achieved her reward!

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