When You See How This Dentist Performs a Root Canal, You’ll Cringe!

When You See How This Dentist Performs a Root Canal, You’ll Cringe!

Angela Markus

Oh, our beloved dentists! They are some of the most feared doctors. An annual visit can result in a painful and dreadful procedure, like a root canal. Many of us require root canals, but no one ever really imagines how it is actually done.

We’re about to show you…

A root canal is performed when the nerve of the tooth becomes infected, or the pulp becomes damaged. It also has a reputation of being painful, but some will disagree. What is more painful is the pain leading up to the procedure.

Watching this video is both painful and educational. The many drills, clearing of canals, and poking can serve up some chills. If anything, you should be encouraged to brush at least twice a day and floss after every meal.

Created by Interested Engineering, watch the step by step procedure of a root canal. The dentist begins by using a standard drill to get to the inside of the tooth. Then a slower drill is used to remove decay and make an access way to the canals of the tooth.

As if the drilling wasn’t enough, tiny vials are used to remove the contents of the canals. When the manual method is used, dentists use file sides to clean and shape the canals. Ouch!

If the doctor continues with the manual method, cones are used to fill the canals and ensure they are tightly sealed. For a thorough procedure, one or more posts may be inserted to strengthen the tooth and retain the filling. Then resin is used to fill the tooth. Initially, it is soft, but it is hardened with a bright light.

At this point, the tooth is in a weakened state. To strengthen the tooth, doctors grade it down by yet another drill and a crown or cap is used to cover it.

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