6 Simple Rubber Band Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever!

6 Simple Rubber Band Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever!

Angela Markus

Did you know there were so many usages for a simple rubber band? I didn’t … until today! Here are 6 ways a rubber band can make your life a little easier.

Have you ever had trouble opening up a jar? Well, you can use a rubber band as a grip. Simply place the rubber band on top of the lid of the jar and turn it.  The jar will open up effortlessly. This sure beats waiting for someone to help you or running it under hot water to loosen the top.

Are you tired of your glasses falling off your head? You can easily put a rubber band on each of the sides of the frames. Voila! Your glasses will be locked into place.

Don’t you hate it when the ends of book and magazines become frayed after you put them in your handbag. To prevent them from fraying, place a rubber band around the book and roll up the magazine and put a rubber band around the magazine.

Is your cutting board always moving out of place when you are trying to chop up some vegetables? I hate it when this happens. A great trick to stop that annoying issue is to place rubber bands around the edges of the cutting board to use as grippers. This great trick will prevent the board from moving out of the place.

Finally, if you need to prevent a door from locking behind you. Simply stretch a rubber band around one door handle and then the other.  This will allow to shut the door without locking.  This is great if you can’t find a spare copy of your keys.

Once you learn about all of the rubber band hacks, you’ll never be able to live your life without them!

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