64 Days After A Move, A Family Cat Reappears In A Very Strange Way

64 Days After A Move, A Family Cat Reappears In A Very Strange Way

Kendall Conners

It can be heartbreaking for a family to lose a pet. Especially one that they have grown to love for a long time. A couple just went through a situation that went from a heartache, to a miracle unfolding right in front of their eyes.

Kymberly and Jesse Chelfe were making the painstaking move from El Paso, Texas to Fairbanks, Alaska. During the move they discovered that their beloved cat Moosie was missing. They did everything they could to try to find him, but with no luck. They thought Moosie was lost and that they would never see him again, but that’s when a miracle happened.

Movers arrived to the Chelf’s new home 64 days after the family had left El Paso. Sometime after the movers had brought a box with a futon mattress inside, they heard meowing coming from the box. Surely, they thought it couldn’t be their cat Moosie, but it was.

Kymberly said, “It just sounded like he was giving it everything he had just to let us know he was there. I was in shock probably at least the first 24 hours after we found him. And all I could think was ‘oh my gosh, what are we going to find.’”

What’s even more amazing is that Moosie went 3,697 miles in the box, in the dark without any food or water. He is currently undergoing medical care and the vet is optimistic that Moosie will be back on his feet very soon to enjoy his new home and his family.

So, the moral of the story is that just went you are about to give up hope, think about little Moosie and all that he went through and remember that miracles are possible, even in the bleakest of circumstances. No matter what you are going through, SHARE the love and pass it on.