She’s Making Salad in a Bread-Cone and It’s Easier Than You Think!

She’s Making Salad in a Bread-Cone and It’s Easier Than You Think!

Angela Markus

Salad and bread make a great combination – but you have never seen it matched like this!

Fatameh shows us how to make a delicious chicken salad in homemade bread cones. This dish is the perfect item for a dinner party to impress your guests.

In a bowl, she adds flour, sugar and salt. After mixing, she makes a hole in the middle of the flour to add dried milk, yeast, warm milk, olive oil. She adds some more warm milk and mix.

She sprinkles some white sesame and fennel seeds and incorporates them into the mixture. Fatameh adds warm milk throughout the process. She transfers the mixture to a cutting board until a dough is formed to a soft and elastic texture.

She uses olive oil to grease the dough and covers with a kitchen towel. To make foil cones, Fatameh takes a square piece of foil, folds it in half, and then folds again to make a small square. She holds one point with her finger and folds the other end inward into a cone shape. Make sure to pinch the top to secure. She repeats this step to make as many bread cones as needed.

After releasing the air in the dough, she divides it into four pieces and flattens into a long rectangle with a rolling pin.  She then cuts into one-inch stripes. She brushes the foiled cone with olive oil and wraps with the strips. She puts the cones into a tray, brushes with egg wash and bakes them at 400 degrees.

The first step in preparing the chicken salad involves poaching the chicken. After which she puts the shredded poached chicken, shredded carrots, raisins, almonds, onions, grapes, celery, salt, mayonnaise into a bowl and mixes it all together.

She puts the cones into cups and fills with the chicken salad. How amazing does that look?!

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