Generous Santa Claus Brings Happiness to the Homeless Community

Generous Santa Claus Brings Happiness to the Homeless Community

Angela Markus

Christmas is a time of giving and generosity. We typically associate this magical holiday with Santa Claus in his red suit and long white beard. Unfortunately, the homeless are sometimes forgotten during this time, so one YouTuber decided to do something about it.

In the country of Poland, the temperatures often drop below freezing during the winter months. While all residents feel the impact and hope for warmer weather, the homeless population actually suffers the most. Each year, homeless people worldwide endure excruciating conditions and even death due to the brutal temperatures.

In this heartwarming clip from a few years ago, jokester Adam “SA” Wardega proves that Santa Claus is real by taking on the role of St. Nick, sack of presents and all. With the cameras filming his every move, he heads out on a mission to bring warmth to the unsuspecting people who need it most.

To help the men and women who are forced to sleep on the streets, Santa appears in the middle of the night like the real-life Father Christmas, and gives away much-needed items like winter coats, pants, blankets, and hot food.

It’s amazing and heartwarming to see the surprised, grateful expressions on the faces of those he helped during the freezing cold holiday season. This act of kindness encourages us to remember those who are usually abandoned this time of year.

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