Sarah McLachlan and Josh Groban Beautifully Sing “In The Arms of an Angel”

Sarah McLachlan and Josh Groban Beautifully Sing “In The Arms of an Angel”

Jamaica Bravo

Sarah McLachlan is sitting before a piano when she begins to play a familiar tune. The crowd is going wild, and when you hear it, you will to.

After about a minute of playing her famous hit, “In The Arms of an Angel,” someone comes out from the backstage area. Artist Josh Groban walks on stage and joins Sarah to perform this song as a duet and the result is nothing short of amazing. He adds to the song in so many way, making this possibly the most beautiful version of this song to ever be performed.

These singers are both known for writing ballads that tug at your heart. This song in particular has been associated, for many people, with images of abused animals in need of rescue. Listening to these two sing this duet though, puts any negative thoughts far behind. It it pure joy to listen to them sing.

McLachlan’s piano playing is the perfect compliment to a song that is already charged with emotion. Not all songs can be turned into a duet with such ease, but McLachlan and Groban perform the song as though it were always meant to be performed by the two of them.

This is one performance that no one in the audience will ever forget. Both artists put their heart and soul into their work and it shows through every line and verse of this duet.

Surely, this song will brighten anyone’s day.

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