Sassy Flight Attendant Entertains Travelers With Safety Demonstration

Sassy Flight Attendant Entertains Travelers With Safety Demonstration

Angela Markus

I love a flight like the next person, but in-flight safety announcements can be painfully boring, especially when you fly frequently.

Some flight attendants try to keep your interest, but after seeing the same routine a hundred times, there is nothing they can do. Airlines have tried their best to retain passengers’ attention with their efforts from internet memes to Hobbits and swimsuit models.

But sometimes, all it takes is one hilariously sassy flight attendant to make those boring instructions entertaining. Passengers on a Westjet flight bound for Saskatchewan in Canada were treated to an unforgettable safety announcement.

The video was posted to Facebook by a veterinary clinic employee with the caption:

Flying home from the fabulous TPLO conference…. We had the best in flight crew on West Jet. Laughed so hard. Only had a chance to video the French portion of the pre-flight instructions! Enjoy, we certainly did!

The video quickly gained over 7.5 million views and 170, 000 shares. This flight attendant relates his instructions with such finesse and flare and it is hard not to crack up!

This show stealer demanded the attention of passengers even behind him and could only hear the laughter of the passengers throughout the plane. 

Here I thought the funniest flight attendants were at Southwest, but clearly I was wrong.
I need to book a flight on Westjet just for the entertainment!

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