Sassy Little Girls Shows Off Her Moves In a Dance Recital to “Respect”

Sassy Little Girls Shows Off Her Moves In a Dance Recital to “Respect”

Kendall Conners

Some little girls want to be ballerinas, some want to be soccer players, while others want to be musicians. Whatever route your child wants to go down, there’s no denying that getting kids active in sports or performance arts is so beneficial. Not only does it give their brainpower an extra boost, but it also helps them build confidence, social skills and shows them what it’s like to work as a team.

If you have or have had a little kid involved in dance, then you know it’s dance recital season! It’s time for all those adorable little girls to flaunt their moves and show off the routine they’ve been working so hard on all year.

One adorable little girl recently had the chance to dance in her recital — and, boy did she have the crowd going! Joahnna Colon may only be six-years-old but she certainly knows how to entertain a crowd!

She and two other girls lined up on stage, ready to give their tap performance to Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”. Recitals can normally be very nerve-racking experiences, especially for such young girls!

But Joahnna didn’t show any sign of nerves at all, quite the opposite actually! As soon as the music started she was tapping and dancing across the stage, showing off her sassy skills! She even lip synced a few lines here and there!

From what I can see, it looks like she didn’t miss one step and was perfectly on tempo the whole time. Watch this sassy little girl’s performance to “Respect” below and see why this video is taking the Internet by storm.

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