He Bit A Cop Who Crossed Their Fence. Now This Dog Is Facing The Death Sentence And The Family Needs Your Help

He Bit A Cop Who Crossed Their Fence. Now This Dog Is Facing The Death Sentence And The Family Needs Your Help

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Whether it’s companionship or protection, people get dogs for a variety of reasons. In the case of protection, if an intruder crosses the line the dog may bite them as a way to protect their owner. A pit bull named Sarge, found himself in a similar situation last month and now faces euthanasia.

Bay City, Michigan officer Matthew Strunk was in the neighborhood of Kristine Vanderberg responding to the complaint of a neighbor. He needed to speak to Kristine so he tried knocking on her front door. She was asleep, so Strunk went around to the rear of her home through the fenced in area.

There, he was met with Sarge. Since the dog was trying to protect the property, Sarge did what any protective dog would do and bit him. Officer Strunk used a stun gun to subdue him.


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Unfortunately, this incident may lead to a death sentence for Sarge as this is the third time he has bitten someone on Kristine’s property. She claims that her dog isn’t dangerous and in fact, plays with her grandson who is only 15 months old. Kristine’s son went as far as to defend the dog by stating:

“My 1-year-old son and I come over, and he just licks our faces. He just doesn’t like people he doesn’t know.”


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Despite both Kristine and her son defending Sarge, the county has stepped in and is encouraging that the pit bull be euthanized. Bay County Animal Control is now in possession of Sarge while a judge waits to determine whether or not the dog is in fact dangerous.



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A Facebook page has been set up to get the word out about saving Sarge, SAVE SARGE from death row-Bay City Mi.

Kristine has said that she’s touched by all of the people that she doesn’t even know, supporting Sarge. No court date has been set yet to determine the pooch’s fate.

If you want to help Sarge, please SHARE the love and pass it on.


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