This Savory Sweet Potato Gratin Recipe Is Heavenly!

This Savory Sweet Potato Gratin Recipe Is Heavenly!

Angela Markus

Potato gratin is lush in itself. This video offers a remarkable twist on the classic baked side dish. It is the perfect side dish that can be served with any choice of meat, or with a side salad as a vegetarian main. Simple and tasty, you gotta try this scrumptious recipe!

One Pot Chef teaches us how to whip up sweet potato gratin in a few simple steps. He starts off this recipe by cutting up approximately two pounds of sweet potato and puts them into a bowl. He cuts the sweet potato relatively thin because it is better for cooking.

He then adds three minced cloves of garlic, a teaspoon of dried chili flakes (the level of spiciness is all up to you), a drizzle of olive oil, topped off with salt and pepper. The chef then uses two spoons to incorporate all of the ingredients together so that each piece of sweet potato is evenly coated. Then he sprays a casserole dish with cooking spray and layers the sweet potato until they are stacked. He adds 300 milliliters and one and one quarter cups of cream to the casserole dish and another drizzle of olive oil.

He then places the dish into a preheated oven at 375 degrees for an hour or when the sweet potatoes are nice and tender. Yes! It is that simple.

This dish requires all but 15 minutes of your time to prepare and can be served with anything or by itself. YouTube’s next chef explains the tastes as his taste buds are excited by the flavors. According to him, the sweet potatoes are tender and are complemented by the creaminess of cream.

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