He Says THIS To a Starving Child at McDonald’s. His Response? Left Me Speechless

He Says THIS To a Starving Child at McDonald’s. His Response? Left Me Speechless

Kendall Conners

Hunger. It’s something we hear about on the news or bring up in a casual conversation, but it’s something most of us don’t see on a regular basis. This video from Actor Varun Pruthi gives us a whole new perspective on hunger and child labor, and what it’s actually like.

Varun Pruthi was inside a McDonald’s in India when he saw a little boy standing outside selling pens. He invited him in and offered to buy him food. While they were waiting in line he was asking the little boy questions about his life.

He asked him if he comes to that McDonald’s every day, to which the little boy said he did. Pruthi then asked him if he sells pens – the little boy said yes. The next question that he asked nearly broke my heart.

“Do you go to school,” asked Pruthi.

“If I go to school, how will I feed myself?” replied the little boy.

This 5-year-old child went on to talk about his sister, whom he loves dearly, and his mother who is apparently sick. When they finally got their food they sat down to eat. Instead of taking the food and running, this little boy did the most amazing thing. He offered half of the food to Pruthi.

“Brother, you eat as well,” he said. When Pruthi told him the food was all his he said he would eat one, then take the other one home for his sister. Despite his hunger and the fact that he can’t go to school because he needs to work the streets for food, this little boy is selfless.

Not only does this video show how prevalent hunger and child labor are, but it also gives us a glimpse of human nature and a child’s innocence. It really puts things in perspective when you see this little boy’s story.

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