This Scar Lion King Halloween Makeup Tutorial Is So Cool!

This Scar Lion King Halloween Makeup Tutorial Is So Cool!

Angela Markus

Just when I thought I saw all there was to see with make-up tutorials, here is another one to blow my mind. Marc Zapanta has to be one of the most talented make-up artists I have ever seen. His talent to transform into just about anyone has been kicked up a notch with this tutorial that is perfect for Halloween.

Marc Zapanta’s calls his YouTube channel The Prince of Vanity. He is quite famous for transforming himself into the like of the most sought-after celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and Beyonce. His tutorial of transforming himself into Nicki Minaj is one of his most famous.

Here he shows us how to create Lion King’s Scarface complete with green eyes. The look is indistinguishable. The student, of Pinxton, Nottinghamshire, started experimenting with his mum’s makeup when he was 13. The practice has surely paid off because his skills are incredible.

Zapanta’s tutorials are somewhat easy to follow because he offers step-by-step instructions as to how to perfect the look. He first starts applying makeup to the mouth area leaving the cheekbone area for later on. He then works on the eyes, and already we can see the Lion King’s character.

The additive of the eye contacts embellishes the look. When he constructs the scar, there is little left to be said. If you are not familiar with this genius, get acquainted. We will be seeing a lot of him.

Isn’t he amazing? Although this might take me the entire day to complete, I know what I am going to be for Halloween!

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