Couple Shows Off What Might Be The Most Terrifying Ultrasound Picture Ever

Couple Shows Off What Might Be The Most Terrifying Ultrasound Picture Ever

Erika Carter

New moms look for any opportunity to show off their ultrasound pictures. It’s the first image they have of their baby. Even if you don’t have kids of your own, you’ve definetly had an ultrasound picture shoved in your face at some point or another, accompanied with He has his dad’s nose and that’s totally my smile! 

Between work, social media, and various social obligations, it seems like I’m always seeing  pictures of some acquaintance’s womb every other week. That’s a lot of wombs. And the craziest part about these ultrasound pictures? People expect you to say that the baby looks “cute” in them.

All babies are beautiful, but let’s be honest, sometimes they kind of look like aliens in the ultrasound pictures. Cute aliens, nonetheless. 

So, when I came across this story of a couple who thought their baby looked kind of weird and were even able to joke about it in the ultrasound pictures, I couldn’t help but laugh. Finally! My type of people! 

Reddit user ItsAllRelative  posted about his excitement about doing his first 4D ultrasound of his child. But after seeing what the baby looked like on that particular day, he and his wife decided against it. While there’s obviously nothing wrong with the baby, it is nice to see parents have a sense of humor about what ultrasounds look like.



Wishing the couple a safe and happy delivery — and a baby that looks happier in real life than in the ultrasound!

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