School Comes Together To Build A New House For Their Beloved Custodian

School Gives Back

School Comes Together To Build A New House For Their Beloved Custodian

Erika Carter

School custodians usually go out of their way to help everyone. Recently a custodian was the one that found herself in need of some help and that’s just what she got.

The students at Boiling Springs High School know her as Ms. Brenda, the custodian that helps keep their school clean. Unfortunately, last summer her home burned down and everything, except her family’s bible, was destroyed.

The school district knew that they had to do something and immediately stepped in to start fundraising so that they could build a new house for Ms. Brenda. They also called on local businesses and residents in the community to donate money. Soon Mike Ravan, the Executive Director of United Carpenters, heard her story and knew he could do something to help.

He called Principal Gordon and offered to lend his services to build a new home. So with the money that was raised, a bunch of volunteers and the help of Mr. Ravan, they built Ms. Brenda a new place to live. They even went one step further and added a washer and dryer as well as air conditioning, all things she had never had before. They also completely furnished the house. When they showed Ms. Brenda her new home she was completely overwhelmed. She said:

“So many people were there to support me, and all I could do was cry. I boo-hoo-hoo-ed like a baby,” Ms. Brenda recalls. “They said, ‘How do you like the house?’ I said, ‘It’s like I’m in Beverly Hills, but I know it’s not California.’”

As usual, Ms. Brenda is finding her own way to give back to others. She plans to make banana pudding for everyone who helped, and what better place to make it than in her new kitchen. If the story of Ms. Brenda has inspired you to get involved in your community, a good place to start is to SHARE the love and pass it on!