See These Stunning Images of Rare Sea Creatures!

Scary Sea Creatures

See These Stunning Images of Rare Sea Creatures!

Sophia Gioiello

You lather on your sunscreen, throw on your new bikini, grab your beach towel and head out for a day splashing in the waves. The salty water sends a chill through your body, but alas, you adjust to the drop in temperature and float over the white wash of the breaking waves.

There are many things that may run through your mind…

“I wonder what animals are under me – oh goodness, I hope it’s not shark season.”

“I hope that lifeguard is paying attention – what if there’s a rip current?” And all at once, something touches your toe.

“Oh no, oh no – what was that?” It’s most likely a figment of your imagination and simply your mind playing tricks on you. You’re not the only one to encounter these frantic moments of doubt, and the unknown nature of the ocean has captivated scientists for decades.

A team of scientists decided to explore the deep sea off the coast of Puerto Rico for the very first time. Some of these animals don’t even have a name, that’s how strange they are to the human eye. Their curiosity got us thinking, what other kind of creatures lurk in the dark depths of the ocean? And more importantly – do we really want to know?!

Below are nine of the most bizarre sea creatures discovered in oceans around the world.

We’ll keep things mellow with the first one – this is deep sea coral, which thrives in the cold waters of the deeper, darker parts of the oceans.


How about this little guy? This is a guineafowl puffer from the Pacific Ocean. He looks like he just floats around, enjoying all the ocean has to offer!


Okay, it’s time to take things up a notch. Meet the frilled shark – scientists call him a living fossil and swallows his victims whole. Yeah…WHOLE!


While you’re trying to swim away from the frilled shark, you may run into the vampire squid. He has crimson eyes that stare into your soul and is born to live in the depths of the ocean you plan to never explore.


You know that saying from “Finding Nemo” that goes, “Fish are friends, not food.” Well, this guy has a face I hope to never be friends with. This is the vicious coffinfish, and he preys in the deepest areas of the ocean. 


I know what you’re thinking, but yes this one is real. This is a tiny crustacean named the amphipod and he hangs out on the floor of the Pacific Ocean – no threat here!


If the amphipod isn’t bizarre enough, here’s the gulper eel, which is also know as the pelican eel. Sure those teeth don’t look sharp, but he doesn’t need them when he swallows things whole that are much, much larger than himself.


Okay I know this thing is downright ugly, but he does have a special skill that makes him different than the rest. This is the snaggletooth, and due to the fact that he lives in the darkest depths, he creates his own light to hunt!


If I haven’t caught your attention yet, it’s time to meet the goblin shark. Like most people, when you mention the word shark, I immediately think of “Jaws” and every excuse not to get in the water. This rare specimen continues to bewilder scientists everywhere because not much is known about its true capabilities.


To see the scientists in action, check out the video below. It features the 52-day excursion they embarked on to explore the uncharted seafloor. It’s truly remarkable to see the vast wonder that continues to perplex researchers every day.

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