Captivating Footage Shows Male Seahorse Giving Birth!

Seahorse Giving Birth

Captivating Footage Shows Male Seahorse Giving Birth!

Ashley Rego

When seahorses begin experiencing behavioral changes, you can almost be certain that something magnificent is about to happen. In fact, if these changes begin occurring in a male seahorse, this is a good indication that birth is imminent.

Yes, you heard me right…MALE seahorse.

In this unique species, it is indeed the male beings that incubate the eggs and then give birth.

As you can see in the footage below, the male’s breathing patterns become quicker. Then, in few splendid seconds, he rapidly changes color. As the contractions start, the male seahorse seizes violently until the bountiful tiny babies erupt from their father’s stomach.

Filmed at London’s The Deep, the world’s only submarium which is home to thousands of sea creatures, this recording captures the essence of nature’s pure beauty.

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