Now You Can Seal A Bag Of Chips Without A Clip

Now You Can Seal A Bag Of Chips Without A Clip

Angela Markus

We’ve all experienced the misfortune of finding stale chips, cereal, or bread in the pantry. Afterwards follows the feeling of depression that we let food go to waste. Despite our best efforts to store food properly, every now and again stale food creeps into our lives, and we find ourselves faced with bread that has dried out or chips with plastic-like texture.

Sure, you can buy those magnetic clips that lose their power in a couple weeks, or other bag sealers that just aren’t worth the money. In an attempt to solve one of mankind’s biggest problems, released a video that is the resolution of all resolutions.

First, smooth the ends so that they are flat and airtight. That will prevent air from getting inside of the chip bag. Next, fold the bag by using both hands. Do not roll. Continue in this manner until you reach just above the area of the chips. Flatten the fold with your hands and fold the corners towards the middle.

Next, make a pocket. You will do that by keeping the corners folded, unroll the end and fold it over the corners so that it makes a tight pocket. You can now test for good measure.

Say farewell to stale chips!

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